Relationships #1: “Ethical Relationships”

I think a lot about something I call “ethical relationships” (the concept probably already exists?) recently.

What are “ethical relationships”? Let’s try to play with the concept.

1) Benefit of the Other

They are sum-sum games where both sides sincerely care about it each other. They both, whether lovers or friends, proactively do things that they think will benefit the Other. If one side feels better, the other feels laughter. Wins are shared.

2) Growth

Both sides grow as a consequence of the relationship. They become better.

Those relationships are brave, on an intimate level, in the sense that they step outside usual boundaries, which makes both parties stronger.

3) Transparency

I am fascinated with transparency as a principle. In the case of human relationships, it would mean that honesty has the highest value and that intentions are communicated clearly. Feelings are not hidden but shared. It makes everything (more) flawless. And faster. 

4) Good for the World

Besides being beneficial for both actors, they are also great for the World. People who appreciate and trust each other are good for their human environment. Energy spreads.

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