Project F

Project F is my one-man consultancy. People started asking for help so I ended up as a consultant.

Here is the list of some of my clients and works:

Radio Free Europe (Prague) — Data Journalism in Western Balkans (2020) & Data Journalism in Prague and Tbilisi (2021)

My intervention was to design a data journalism hackathon experience in Belgrade for participants from the Western Balkans region. I’ve conceptualized the event and its focus, established strategic partnerships and did match-making with relevant regional and local organizations.  The event ended up being postponed because of the Covid.

For Prague and Tbilisi: speakers / mentors / partnerships / hackathons managment

The program was centered around free media.

Techfugees (Paris) — Techfugees Global Summit, Station F, Paris (2018)

Techfugees Global Summit was one of a kind global event organized in Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world, gathering a thousand attendees from all over the world.

My job (content co-producer) was to define and suggest conference themes and topics, suggest and manage conference speakers, and organize conference workshops. 

Logikka (Belgrade) — Data Science for Entrepreanaurs (2019) 

Logikka is a machine learning boutique consultancy from Belgrade.

I’ve designed a data science learning program for entrepreneurs all around Serbia and implemented 3 events. The program was supported by UNDP Serbia. 

Voterspace / Voterblockchain (US) — Blockchain  for voting and elections (2019)

A team of MIT postgraduate program folks won second place at an internal entrepreneurship contest. They needed someone with a deep understanding of blockchain technology.

As a Research Consultant, my job was to support the endeavor by researching the market, researching and evaluating different blockchain infrastructure options, developing a token economy, and outlining strategic fundraising opportunities. I also crafted the product document. 

NewGov Foundation (US) — Civic tech (2017)

Ran by Britt Blaser, NewGov Foundation was driven with the vision of total crowdsourcing of American policy-making by building a massive tech infrastructure. 

My intervention was double: the creation of a fresh pitch deck and redesign of the product experience.

TechSoup (Poland) — Ministry of Data (2018)

TechSoup was implementing a regional open data program in the Western Balkans region. I acted as a country partner in Serbia, promoting the challenge within the Serbian tech community.

Data Science Conference (Belgrade) — (2018 & 2019)

I helped the conference with additional business and program development and hosted 1/4 of the event.

CarAdvisor (Belgrade) — (2020)

A car-focused startup needed help with product and fundraising. 
My service was to define the product and its value proposition and grant writing.  

Sebastien Krier (London) — (2020)

I help with the online presence and personal branding strategy. The web output I created.