Random Thoughts: Optimization Problem or How to Get Whatever you Want

I think a lot about “optimization” recently. How much (and fast) can you optimize your life and make your personal reality closer to what you desire? 

Desires and formulas that work

For example, how can you optimize something like this:

                REMOTE (ability to be wherever you want anytime you want) 


 > 5-10K/month

If you’re nailing your skill (any knowledge work), it actually shouldn’t be that hard. Let’s go through it together?

The initial set of questions:

How many skills pay more than 5k and can be sold online?
How many jobs are there? Trends for the next 2, 3, and 5 years?

The second set of questions: 

Who are those people earning?
How can they be contacted?

Voila. Enough for a start. Reverse engineer the process, an approach that I am fond of recently. If X worked for thousands of Y, there’s a very high probability it might work for you too.  

The case that is extremely popular these days: how can you optimize (engineer) your financial independence? Think about it: it’s a generational thing. If you have or plan to have children, this is also for them. Being truly antifragile.

The same method works for literally anything.

The World Wide Web!

It’s so cool. Today we (can) have all the information we need. We can find out whatever we want and need –  for free. Even if it’s not already online, people are. And people are not that bad after all. They respond to cold emails and messages. Anyone who has ever tried knows that. Google! Google makes us superhumans. It’s ridiculous how much of everything we need is a search problem. It’s so wonderful how much there is on random blogs, forums, podcasts, and all the Reddits of the world. Interested in any big tech position? Probably already told in an efficient way on some obscure Youtube channel. Search is a superskill.

If the path is easy to find, analyze and understand, and then learn from it and replicate in an authentic, remixed manner, then the main question is,  “What do you want, and are you ready to get there?”

If all the paths are there, transparent as blue sky, what is the problem?

Asking yourself what you want and then defining the personal route to get there based on research isn’t easy.  Of course, putting in the work consistently for months and years is even harder. Want to live desired reality? That’s the price. You can always choose the ride you enjoy though. 

Bias to action is good!

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